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It’s happening to us.
We should all be concerned when one of the under- pins of democracy — journalism — is being eroded. But now our publishing business has been directly affected.
Urban Affairs (, one of our digital publications, has been blocked by Meta. We’ve been forced, like any small business, to put some resources into social media to connect with our audience. The stories we write are not straight reporting. We write in-depth articles about some of the civic issues our city is facing. But Meta doesn’t know the difference — we are blocked anyway. We can appeal, and we will, but it’s a lot of extra work for a small business. We’ll have to wait to see what Google does, but it has recently threatened it will soon be blocking Canadian news content.
So far, Edify is not blocked, so you can still find us
on social media. But, really, if you want to see local journalism remain, please subscribe to the print magazine and Edify’s newsletters. Don’t rely on social – engage with us directly.
Some of you are asking why you should subscribe
if Edify remains free for pick up throughout the city. Thank you for asking. We can’t switch the business model in a month or two — this is a strategy that will take several months. We are starting now to pull back the number of keystands throughout the capital region. If you appreciate local journalism, please don’t wait. Your subscription tells us we are doing the right thing. And the magazine will come straight to you, via Canada Post.
Many of you are subscribing — thank you! We genuinely appreciate the notes and emails, too.
Here’s one that came recently:
“Keep up the amazing work that you do ... I love love love this magazine. It is inspirational and informative ... you can’t believe the restaurants that I only know about because of you. The magazine is truly a work of art, so beautifully laid out, the colors are so vibrant.
I have a date with every new edition, and this is going
back many many years now ... just me, Edify and a glass of Cab ... total heaven.” Brenda Brown, Sherwood Park
Local businesses are subscribing for their reception areas or waiting rooms: “As an Ed’s List member, I look forward to receiving new Edify issues to provide quality material for our office guests to browse!” Marnie Kiel, Managing Director, Alder Group Leadership Advisory
We love this city.
Trudy Callaghan
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We can make it together.

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