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 With this being our 15th year — there are now 600 people who can claim to be members of our Top 40 Under 40. Wait, make that 601. In 2011, we decided not to break a tie in the judging, and we gave out 41 plaques that year.
Don Iveson was in our very first class — he was a city councillor at the time. He would go on to be a two-term mayor.
The number of Top 40 alumni who have been judges on our panels over the years. While most say “never again” after going through the very thick binder of applications just once, kudos to Class of 2009 member Simon O’Byrne for having been a judge... twice.
This year, Janis Irwin sets
a new standard, of sorts. The NDP MLA is the first person to have been a Top 40 judge before becoming a member of the Top 40.
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