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                                                  Our Remarkable Honourees
   AMA MEDAL FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE recognizes physicians who have made an outstanding personal contribution to the medical profession and the people of Alberta, and have contributed to the art and science of medicine while raising the standards of medical practice.
Dr. Cheryl Mack, Pediatrics, Edmonton
Dr. Jonathan Meddings, Gastroenterology, Calgary
AMA LONG SERVICE AWARD recognizes physicians with 10 years of AMA service who contribute their knowledge, skill and time to the advancement of the profession.
Dr. Gregory Boughen, Chronic Pain, Spruce Grove
Dr. Sam Wong, Pediatrics, Edmonton
Dr. Daniel Wood, Anesthesia, Calgary
Dr. R. David Murray, Emergency Medicine, Fort McMurray
Dr. Rajpal Thiara, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Edmonton
contributions to the goals and aims of the AMA, seniority, long-term membership and distinguished service (20 years) based on criteria determined by the Board of Directors.
Dr. Peter Grundy, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Calgary
Dr. Jacques Romney, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Edmonton
AMA AWARD FOR COMPASSIONATE SERVICE recognizes an AMA member who has demonstrated outstanding compassion, philanthropy and/or volunteerism to improve the state of the community in which they are giving back.
Dr. Katherine Atchison, Family Medicine, Red Deer
AMA MEDAL OF HONOUR recognizes a non-physician who has raised the standards of health care in Alberta and made an outstanding personal contribution to the people of Alberta by contributing to the advancement of medical research, medical education, health care organization, health education and/or health promotion to the public.
Mr. Bill Kreutzweiser, Edmonton
OWEN ADAMS AWARD OF HONOUR is the highest CMA award available to a non-physician. This award recognizes many contributions to Canadian health care, medical research, education, value of patient/caregiver insight and service to the people of Canada in raising the standards and improving the health and wellness of Canadians.
Ms. Brenda Reynolds, BISW, RSW, MA, CIYT 200, Edmonton
DR. WILLIAM MARSDEN AWARD IN MEDICAL ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM is awarded to a CMA member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership, commitment and dedication to advancing and promoting excellence in medical ethics or medical professionalism in Canada.
Dr. Scott McLeod, Family Medicine, Edmonton
F.N.G. STARR AWARD is the highest CMA award available to one of its members and recognizes outstanding and inspiring lifetime achievement.
Dr. Esther Tailfeathers, Rural Medicine, Stand Off
CMA HONORARY MEMBERSHIP recognizes those persons who have distinguished themselves by their accomplishments in medicine, science, the humanities or
and are members of the association in good standing.
Dr. Richard Bergstrom, Anesthesia, Edmonton
Dr. Kenneth Corbet, Occupational Medicine, Calgary
recognizes CMA members who have demonstrated exemplary dedication, commitment and leadership in one of the following areas: political, clinical, educational or research and community service.
Dr. Francesco Rizzuti, Public Health & Preventative Medicine, Calgary
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The AMA and CMA awards are presented annually.

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