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She admits she was proud of the work she was doing for the University Hospital Foundation, but didn’t have the energy to dedicate to her family and her- self. “It feels like a loss,” Moneta explains, “but I think it was a reinvention of how I can still make meaningful contributions [to my career] and be the mom I want to be.”
Now she’s working as a free- lance consultant and a corporate director for five different orga- nizations. Her plate may seem fuller than before, but Moneta explains she feels in control again and isn’t running from meeting to meeting like before. She’s most proud of her new role as vice-chair of the CPA Alberta board, where she supports the Indigenous Learnings Initiative, a program designed to remove barriers for Indigenous peoples pursuing their CPA designations.
Moneta hopes the program will inspire more Indigenous youth to seek leading positions in finance. “I’m hoping to model a different way forward for young professional women that you don’t have to sacrifice the level that you work at in order to fulfill the other roles in your life in a way that’s meaningful for you.” –Matthew Stepanic
Unlike most other Top 40 recipients, Maureen Moneta (Class of ’20) made a career change shortly after receiving the honour. This decision may not come as a surprise to anyone who knows her: Moneta’s not one to follow a conventional path.
Every year, SAIT recognizes graduates who are accomplishing great things in our community, on the national stage and around the world. Congratulations to our 2023 recipients.
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