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Q: With June kicking off the official start of summer, what’s something that makes you feel like the season’s finally arrived?
Any swimmer in Edmonton knows that lane times are a precious — and some- times scarce — resource. The abundance of summer is among other things
an abundance of space; the swimming pool is no exception. Outdoor swim- ming is a seasonal joy here in Edmonton. For me, the summer has truly arrived when the Queen Elizabeth pool is filled for the first time each year. There’s nothing quite like being able to swim outside as the sun comes up in the morning.
Late sunsets and golden hours always make me feel that an Edmonton summer has finally arrived. The extra hours of gorgeous light give me so much inspiration to my work. Wrapping up a photoshoot in the late evening and enjoying an ice-cold patio beer with the crew after- wards will always be
a favourite of mine. I’m looking forward to enjoying all the extra rays and summer nights!
The first big thunderstorm of the summer is my favourite event. I have always been a nature daredevil — I love running out into the street when it’s pouring down and the rain is warm. The sound is a complete roar and it blocks out everything but the deluge. Something about it makes me feel so alive and in
the moment.
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