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City-Life Survey 2022

Our editorial team wants to know what you think. Your experience about life in the city (or surrounding area) will inform stories in Edify’s print, digital and social platforms.

This survey asks questions about you, but more importantly, about how you live and move about. This one is different from Edify’s reader survey, so please do them both! We are offering several prizes for your participation: weekly draws for gift certificates and a grand prize of a smart & elegant bracelet, for those who complete both surveys. We appreciate hearing your opinion.

The information is for research purposes, and will only be used in combination with all other responses.

Any contact information you provide will be protected and only used for the purpose stated and with your explicit permission.

You will not be asked to buy anything today, or in the future, as result of taking this survey. It will take 8 or 9 minutes to complete.

    • Your Demographics

    • What is your age?

    • 18 - 24
      25 - 34
      35 - 44
      45 - 54
      55 - 64
      Prefer not to answer
    • What is your marital status?

    • Married/Common Law
      Not married
    • What is your total household income in dollars, before taxes?

    • Under 40,000
      40,000 - 59,999
      60,000 - 74,999
      75,000 - 99,999
      100,000 - 149,999
      150,000 - 199,999
      200,000 +
      Prefer not to answer
    • What is your gender?

    • Woman
      Prefer not to answer
    • How many years have you lived in Edmonton (and area)?

    • Less than one year
      1 - 2 years
      3 - 5 years
      6 - 10 years
      More than 10 years
    • What type of home do you live in?

    • Single family dwelling
      Semi-detached or duplex
      Apartment or condo
      Manufactured home
    • Which neighbourhood or postal code do you currently live in?

    • How long have you lived in your current neighbourhood?

    • Less than one year
      1 - 2 years
      3 - 5 years
      6 - 10 years
      More than 10 years
    • If you could move to a different neighbourhood in Edmonton (or area), which neighbourhood would you choose?

    • Do you plan to move within greater Edmonton:

    • Yes, within the year
      Yes, within 1 - 3 years
      Yes, but not for at least 4 years
    • Do you own or rent the home in which you currently reside?

    • Own
    • What is the approximate value of your residence?

    • Under $300,000
      $300,001 - $500,000
      $500,001 - $750,000
      $750,001 - $900,000
      $900,001 - $1,250,000
      $1,250,001 - $1,500,000
      $1,500,001 - $2,000,000
      Over $2,000,000
    • How long does it take you to get to work?

    • I work from home
      Less than 15 minutes
      16 - 29 minutes
      30 - 45 minutes
      46 - 60 minutes
      More than an hour
    • If you work from home some or all of the time, do you expect that to change?

    • Yes, in the coming months
      I'll quit/retire if I'm expected back in the office or workplace
      I'm already back/ we didn't ever work from home
    • Edmonton and Area

    • You found your dream home. How long are you wiling to commute in order to live there?

    • Less than 10 minutes each way
      Less than 30 minutes each way
      Less than one hour each way
      Would commute more than an hour
      Will never commute
    • When was the last time you in some way experienced Edmonton’s river valley?

    • Within the last 3 months
      Between 3 - 6 months ago
      7 months to a one year ago
      I can’t remember
    • Tell us your opinion about development in Edmonton’s river valley

    • No development should be allowed, ever
      Well-designed and planned development on the river bank close to the city core would be fine
      Go for it. No constraints, let the market decide
    • From the following neighbourhood amenities, please choose the three that are most important to you.

    • Park or playground
      Rec centre
      Coffee shop
      Grocery store
      Nature walk
      Close to major artery (Henday, QEII)
      Bike path
    • In an average week, how many trips do you make by...?

    • Despite inflation or decreased disposable income, what are your top spending priorities? (Choose three maximum)

    • Beauty services
      Dining out
      Subscriptions (TV, Interent, Media, Magazines)
      Tickets to events (sports, theatre, concerts)
      Home renovation
    • How often do you eat out?

    • Several times a week
      About once per month
      About once every 3 months
    • What big ticket items are you planning to buy within the next year? (Check all that apply)

    • New(er) vehicle
      New home
      Major appliances or electronics
      Alternative energy upgrade (solar panels)
    • How often do you enjoy/visit Edmonton's River Valley in a year?

    • Never
      A handful of times
      Seasonally only
      Oh, between 10 - 15 times
    • Enter to Win!

    • By providing your name and email address, you will be entered to win weekly prizes of gift cards to restaurants or for groceries, as well as the grand prize of a bracelet valued at $860.