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Reader Survey 2022

One of Edify’s goals is to be relevant to its readers who expect award-winning writing and design, and intelligent, entertaining information about the culture and lifestyle that define Edmonton and area.

This survey is a way to gather information about you as one of our readers, your preferences and purchasing plans, and basic demographic statistics.

We’ll also be launching a second survey about life in the city. We are offering several prizes for your participation: weekly draws for gift certificates and a grand prize of a smart & elegant bracelet, for those who complete both surveys. We appreciate hearing your opinion.

The information is for research purposes, and will only be used in combination with all other responses.

Any contact information you provide will be protected and only used for the purpose stated and with your explicit permission.

You will not be asked to buy anything today, or in the future, as result of taking this survey. It will take 5 – 6 minutes to complete.

    • You and Edify

    • Check all the ways you connect with Edify online

      I receive at least one Edify newsletter (Ed Eats, Edifive or Ed. on the Town)
      On Instagram @edify_edmonton
      On Twitter @EdifyEdmonton
      On Facebook @EdifyEdmonton
    • How many print issues of Edify have you read in the last year?

    • 1-2
      I read online only
    • How much of each issue do you usually read?

    • I read all of it
      I read most of it
      I flip
      I just look at the ads and images
    • Which of the following sections do you look at? (select as many as apply)

    • Editor's note
      Cover story
      Feature articles
      Arts and Culture
      Short story
      Edmonton Made
      I look at the pictures
    • Do you do any of the following?

    • I save the magazine and refer to it
      I'm likely to visit a store or website advertised in Edify
      I've dined at a restaurant advertised or featured in Edify
      I notice the ads
    • When reading Edify, are any of the following statements true for you? (select as many as apply)

    • I like the ads
      The stories are absorbing
      I learn something
      It grabs me visually
      I like the diversity I see
      I appreciate the separation between advertising and articles
      It makes me feel proud of where I live
      I feel the magazine positively contributes to Edmonton
    • About Your Future Spending

    • What are your travel plans for the next 12 months (select all that apply)

    • Pleasure
      Within Alberta
      Within Canada
      Within North America
      Elsewhere in the world
      I do not plan to travel
    • In the next two years, do you plan to purchase... (select all that apply)

    • Electronics or home entertainment
      Recreational gear (for biking, skiing, hiking)
      ATV, motorbike, scooter, e-bike
      RV or trailer
      Musical instrument
      Jewellery or watch
      Large appliances (fridge, stove, etc)
      Kitchen gadgets or home décor items
    • When do you plan to purchase or lease a new vehicle?

    • 0-6 months
      7-12 months
      1-2 years
      2-3 years
      3+ years
    • When you do replace your current vehicle, what will you choose?

    • Gas powered
      Bicycle / ebike
      Not sure
    • Do you seek advice from a financial advisor/planner when making personal investment decisions?

    • Yes
    • Do you own, or do you plan to purchase, a recreational residence?

    • Yes
    • Do you plan to buy real estate of any kind in the next two years?

    • Yes
    • Your Home and Household

    • How many adults live in your residence?

    • How many children reside in your home?

    • What was your total household income in dollars, last year, before taxes?

    • Under 40,000
      40,000 - 59,999
      60,000 - 74,999
      75,000 - 99,999
      100,000 - 149,999
      150,000 - 199,999
      200,000 +
      Prefer not to answer
    • What is the value, in dollars, of your residential property?

    • Less than 450,000
      450,000 - 550,000
      550,000 - 750,000
      750,000 - 1,000,000
      Prefer not to answer
      Not applicable (rent)
    • Do you plan on moving or renovating in the next two years?

    • Yes
    • What type of renovation are you planning? (select all that apply)

    • Addition or rental suite
      New garage
      New kitchen
      New bathroom(s)
      Energy efficiency (furnace, insulation, windows)
      Solar Panels
    • Your Demographic Information

    • What is your gender?

    • Woman
      Prefer not to answer
    • What is your age?

    • 18 - 24
      25 - 34
      35 - 44
      45 - 54
      55 - 64
      Prefer not to answer
    • Which best describes your employment status?

    • Employee
      Self-employed/business owner or professional
      Not seeking employment
      Prefer not to answer
    • Which best describes your work situation?

    • Work from home
      Hybrid of home and workplace
      Workplace only
    • Which best describes your level of education?

    • College or university graduate
      Graduate degree
      Attended post-secondary
      High school
      Prefer not to answer
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    • By providing your name and email address, you will be entered to win prizes.