Tell us your favourite burger

Burger Challenge

So, Ed is searching for the best burger in Edmonton. Ed will consider the beef burger, bison, even the veggie burgers that are cropping up. (Veggie burger, “crop” up? Get it?)

Why? Because 64 burgers will be shortlisted into the Edify Burger Challenge. Our readers will vote for what they think is Edmonton’s best burger, until there is only one.

But we need your help. Even though we eat lots of burgers, we can’t possibly try every burger in town. So, do you have a recommendation? Fill out the form below, and tell us about the burger you selected. Where can we find it?

It needs to be a regular item you can find on a menu, and, please, no fish or chicken burgers. Pretty please. With mustard on top. Anything within Edmonton or the surrounding area works for us.

Can a restaurant nominate its own burger? For sure — pick the best one on your menu, and put it forward. It’s time to step into the ring, with a side of onion rings. Or fries. Or, gasp, salad.


The form is closed.